August 27 2014

Nextury Ventures recently invests in Sharecruit recruitment system

98f6952e-4e82-44e3-ae76-ec73f7e7580fVenture Capital Fund Nextury Ventures has made an investment in the social recruitment system Sharecruit, yet another idea developed in Lithuania. This start-up allows companies to present specific jobs and would-be colleagues to potential candidates in a user-friendly format, and allows workers to share the unconventional ads on social networks.

Ilja Laurs, Chairman of the Board with Nextury Ventures, says that Sharecruit comes with a larger bundle of opportunities that target both business and their potential employees. “When considering investing in Sharecruit, we noted that this platform allowed companies to find more gifted candidates, and potential workers to find out about their corporate culture, working environment, and would-be colleagues.

“Together with our partners, we will invest up to LTL 1 million in the development of this platform”, Laurs says.

The founder of Sharecruit Asta Cepulyte has rejoiced over the fact that the start-up has already found clients in the Lithuanian branches and offices of Danske Bank, Avon, as well as UPS ASC Lithuania. Companies that wish to try Sharecruit for free are invited to do so starting today. Cepulyte had an idea to design an unconventional recruitment system while she was looking for work herself. Former employee of international companies Cepulyte says that the Sharecruit recruitment solution bears relevance to companies operating outside Lithuania too, for they are facing similar problems as well.

“As often as not, job ads only describe the position itself, without giving any details of the employer. It will take a lot of effort and time for any job-seeker to find out about the potential colleagues, managers, job environment. This is a problem that companies advertising for jobs encounter as well – before the advent of Sharecruit, they did not have a suitable platform to introduce themselves, their staff as would-be team members, or the specific job setting. From now on, let’s say, a candidate to hold a sales manager position will be able to take a virtual tour around the workplace and to get to “meet” their colleagues and managers. On top of that, existing employees will be able to share job ads on social networks, take part in motivational programmes, and openly express the pride in their company – all that just a mouse-click away,” Cepulyte says.

The 2013 Gallup workforce research covering 142 countries has shown that only 13 per cent of workers to be actively involved in the company’s activities. The founder of Sharecruit hopes that her start-up will be instrumental in addressing this issue in a way that it will involve employees in the internal and external communication of their company, have them play an active role in spreading awareness of the employer, and engage them in the recruitment process. “We are happy to cooperate with Sharecruit, this is a great opportunity for us to spread the news about possibilities to become part of Avon. We love the idea of sharing interesting job opportunities and we hope this tool will help us reach wider audience and find the best candidates,” Agata Shen, HR Manager Nordics for AVON, one of Sharecruit’s first clients says.

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