September 15 2014

Nextury Ventures invests in expert remote consultations platform


Venture capital fund Nextury Ventures has made an investment in, a unique platform that will rally specialists from different fields of expertise under the umbrella of a virtual community to provide remote consultations. The service will be launched on September the 15th and will provide users with an opportunity to obtain remote advice from professionals specialising in different areas, from family doctors to legal advisers to marketing, communications, educational, and other kinds of experts.

“We believe that this idea carries great promise, because a platform like that can go global, just like it was with LinkedIn or Elance, and the team that is working on it has a great deal of professionalism and ambition. In association with our partners, we intend to invest over LTL 1 million into this Lithuanian idea, and then there plans to expand to foreign markets to become a leading platform for remote consultations,” Ilja Laurs, the chairman of the board of Nextury Ventures has said.’s founder Daumantas Kirkutis explains that the platform can be used to order consultations from professionals working in a broad range of fields, at any time. Right now, there are already 30 experts offering this kind of service via the platform. If all goes according to the plan, by December this year the number of experts involved should reach several hundred.

“ allows its users to obtain a consultation from the required expert, which will take upwards of 15 minutes, in a user-friendly and convenient way. Let’s say, sometimes obtaining counselling from a physician over the telephone or Skype can be very convenient. That is a service that will hold a good amount of appeal for those who want to consult the best doctors or get a second opinion – all you have to do is send in your test results, and the consultation will be provided to you. People who have been involved in a traffic collision and need legal advice, those who have fallen ill while travelling or those who require assistance from financial, marketing or other type of specialists will benefit from, as well,” Kirkutis says.

In his words, the system is designed so that even the busiest of experts could focus on the consultations they provide, freed from the burden of managing them. Currently, in addition to Laurs, the team of experts rendering their advice via this platform has been joined by investor Mindaugas Glodas, geneticist Danielius Serapinas, psychotherapist Eugenijus Laurinaitis, physician to the national Olympic team Andrius Ramonas, attorney-at-law Robertas Juodka, marketing specialist Rytis Buračas, and others.

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